Happy Birthday, Jebus!

I have now entered the fun that is family. By fun, I mean my brother and I will spend the majority of our time making fun of our parents with inside jokes. Our sister might join in, but we are the rude ones of the bunch. My mom and I spent the day baking stuff for tomorrow: a peach pie, an apple upside down cake, sun dried tomato pea salad, banana bread, and broccoli rice casarole. Yum. We have to start getting ready for mass soon. Every year we have to go to Mass with my parents, even though they are the only ones who do not find it tedious and rather smelly. Damn incense. Then we will come home, eat steaks, and open presents. At 11, those of us who feel that attending a non-Catholic church will not send us straight to hell, go to the Methodist church’s candlelight service. That’s a whole lotta Jebus.

I may be too busy tomorrow, but I will try to recall a couple amusing stories, there are bound to be some, to share.

–Jane might need a lot of egg nog to get through