The Day After

Well I finally got to sleep in since this is vacation and all. I spent yesterday as planned, drinking whiskey sours, eating too much, and being surrounded by my family. I also managed to get a few really great gifts. Mr. R even broke down and bought me a season of Buffy. That means I now have leway to get the others. All hell shall now break loose.

The Ukrainians go back to the polls today and southeast Asia has had some really bad luck with earthquakes. Other than that, most of the news is top 10 best and worst lists of the year. Nothing too exciting. I guess people are too busy returning presents they did not want today. President Bush did call for more compassion in his Christmas address for the sick and needy. How nice. Here is a little thought. Maybe we should spend less money on the inauguration and more money on the sick and needy. But call me crazy.

I watched I, Robot yesterday and I was displeased with the little jab they made at libraries. As if the internet will replace all libraries and books. I will not even warrant that flawed thought with too much comment except to say NO. I liked the premise of the movie, that we could create AI that could evolve. I know Asimov’s book is very different from the movie, but I think that I should read it to see how much they jacked it up to make it more appealing to the masses.

–Jane, is enjoying her time off