Well, I seemed to have survived the holidays so far though I still have New year’s to go. Last night I had dinner with Mr. Rochester’s parents, sister, and my parents. We went to a bring your own wine Italian place in town. I have to admit it was the first time I had been there and left sober. We only drank 4 bottles for 7 people. We usually have almost 2 each. Ahh, good times. My father was relatively well behaved, though he did invite himself to K’s wedding. It could have been worse.

I only have the series finale of Buffy to watch and then I have seen them all. No more new Joss Whedon, until September anyway. I think I might survive. Maybe.

I am heading to Dallas for New Year’s. We have tickets to the Cotton Bowl: A&M and Tennessee. The Aggies are favored so we should be celebrating a victory Saturday night. It has been awhile since I was able to watch my favorite team play. I am also going to spend time with my old roommate, B. I bough champagne to make mimosas for the occasion. Hooray!

For Fun: Some “mildly” amusing fortune cookie messages from McSweeny’s

I have to pack. Happy New Year and don’t make any ludicrous promises to yourself this year, ok?