Ordering Books?

I have not been keeping up with my usual reads, so I inadvertantly stumbled across a newish “Dispatches”, over at McSweeny’s. It is his take on The Librarian from TNT. Here is my favorite bit:

First off, let me say that there was one thing this movie hit dead on—what librarians do. The ER guy’s actual job description is “the librarian.” Throughout the movie, all he does is wander around a basement full of mythological artifacts. But why does the librarian do what he does? Is he supposed to be running around the world trying to protect these artifacts? His job is never really explained, and it’s here that there is a similarity between the movie librarian and the real librarian. Do you really know what a real librarian does? I mean do you really think we sit around and order books for eight hours a day? Think about it.