I know you did not expect to see a post about poop, but I have been inspired by Dooce today. She has a highly amusing post about work poop and sex (though entirely unrelated, I assure you) You can read her entry here.

While in Dallas, I was with two of my friends, who are twins, (who have been called K and Y since their freshman year in college) and Mr. R. I have known them for almost 6 years and I only recently figured out which real name belonged to whom. Anyway. We were talking about the huge lunch we had just consumed when the conversation suddenly turned to poop. Large poop. Ghost poop. It was odd and slightly amusing. Being the only girl in a group of testosterone, I almost felt like giggling and saying, “We are talking about POOP!” I, fortunately, held myself back.

On a side note, my brother, refuses to admit that girls poop. He won’t even let us talk about anything related to poop in front of him. Girls pee, but NO POOPING. I, of course, make it a point to tell him every time I go.

–Jane, laughs hysterically and runs off