I have been reading Jessamyn over at almost since I started library school, which admittedly wasn’t that long ago. I rely on her for important news on the politics of libraries and other goings on. Today she has an excellent post about what the real problem is facing America’s libraries. (I couldn’t find the permalink, but it is the only entry for 1/6/05)

Are libraries doing poorly because people forgot about them? No, not mostly. Libraries are doing badly because people are having to make tough choices about where their money is going and they’re choosing policemen over libraries.

She also points out that the “graying” of the profession is being mentioned… AGAIN

Please also note the nod to the upcoming “librarian shortage” coming at a time when hundreds of library students can’t find work and tell me how much ALA should be promoting higher library school enrollment?

If you are not making a part of your daily read and you are at all interested in libraries, please alter your habits.

–Jane, the FBI has not been here