Hip Organizing

I used to have a PDA, which I got for Christmas or college graduation (I forget which). It was nice and I used it for about a year. I had to cease using it because I would put something in the calendar and then forget about it. I remember things by writing them down and, for some reason, a stylus was just not the same as a good old pen. As a result, I have gone back to my planner. The drawback is, of course, its size. Though not large, it is the size of an trade paperback, and takes up valuable room in my purse or bag that, frankly, a book should be occupying. I often want to jot down ideas, phrases, or words I hear that appeal to me, but I have nowhere to place these stray thoughts and they are quickly forgotten. However, I think my troubles are over! I followed a link today to a beaut of a site entitled, 43 folders. As a bounced around I found this great idea, the Hipster PDA. Sweet. I am running over to the campus bookstore momentarily.

As I do my daily navigation of the way too many blogs and news sites I peruse, I realize that I need to get with the program and start using an RSS feed. I will work on that later today. Right now, I have to go create my new Hipster PDA and get to work.

–Jane, breathes a sigh of organized relief