I Hate Being Right

When the election battles started heating up, I told Mr. Rochester that I did not want Bush to be re-elected. This came as no surprise, given my previous four years of animosity towards the guy, but I told Mr. R that I was not afraid because of Bush’s lousy policies on education, economics, and civil liberties. I was convinced that, should Bush win, He would drag us into another war that his righteousness led him to believe we had a right and duty to undertake. I believed Iran would be next. It turns out, along with thousands of other paranoids, I was right. I am sorry to say that I am, but I admit that I am not surprised. Here is Slate’s roundup of the news on Iran.

The BBC polled 21 countries to find how the people there viewed the US and Bush. Unsurprisingly, 58% believed that Bush’s re-election has made the world more dangerous. It is obvious that the rest of the world does not think that we play well with others and they are right.

–Jane, thinks the government should be sent to time-out