My posts have been noticeably fewer the last two days because I have actually been very busy at work and have not had time to go through my aggregator like usual. That, coupled with a lack of extremely interesting things to post. Therefore, I offer you only one “very dull thing” indeed (to take from Austen). But this is not dull. Stephen Cohen, of Library Stuff, presented “8 Steps For Keeping Current” at ALA(PDF). He mentions, of course, aggregators and RSS.

By keeping current we are not only keeping ahead of our patrons and clients, but are providing them with the content they need before they learn about it themselves.

I know a lot of librarians by default, being that I am one, and I think about half strive for currency. The other half waver between finding out when the patrons do and ignoring new technology altogether. Actually, make that a fourth strive for currency. Actually actively looking for it. I think we should be learning about things before the majority of our patrons. But hey, I am young and on the cusp of Gen X and the Millennials, so I think technology is a driving force in my life.

–Jane, here I am