Geez. Another busy day. I swear it seems like some people think that I come here to actually work all day. I am teaching a class tonight. A whole passel of Psychology newbies who need to know how to find “stuff” and distinguish if said stuff is scholarly. It should be fun. I have some time to spare before the class and my boss actually told me to write something here. I guess she is ok with me not accomplishing much at work, but I think it is just the hormones making her crazy. (She is expecting).

Aaron, over at Walking Paper, has a new spin on the iPod adverts here.

Nothing else to report of note. I have to go and mold little minds now or something. Luckily, I will have a partner in crime for this go around. I plan on coming into work a bit late tomorrow as Mr. Rochester and I are trying a new breakfast venue in celebration of his entrance into adulthood. He is buying a house. A beautiful new house which I am allowed to decorate almost to my heart’s desire. Life is good.

–Jane, smiles in delight