Fun Things

I was pleasantly surprised to get my new cd of the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera in the mail yesterday. I have been listening to it all morning at work. *sigh* I am in love. It is the special edition, which came in a nice book form with pictures and such. Very nice. I have to admit that it may be the best musical soundtrack I own for the simple reason that it also includes the dialog, of which there is not much. Many musical soundtracks have the dialog in between the songs cut out so that there is a disjoint between songs. The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack preserves the dialog with the underscore; the effect is a continuously stunning poem for the ear. Wonderful.

Just in case you are ever attacked and have only an umbrella to defend yourself, Boing Boing has posted a very nice post on how to defend yourself with an umbrella.

Jane, taps her feet at work