You know there are many, many reasons why I absolutely have to read Bookslut everyday. Today there are many funny quips which remind me why I love Jessa and her partner in crime, Michael.

In relation to the reason that customers of Christian bookstore are upset about the selling of Harry Potter books: The believers are particularly upset about the scene in the latest book where Ron performs an abortion and then fellates Satan.

Then there is the headline about the Pope: THE POPE’S DEAD?! Oh wait, no, it’s just an unfortunate choice for a pre-autopsy pope.

I sometimes feel not up intellectually when I have yet to read one of the books being discussed by these two booksluts, but I have my own piles of unread literature on my bedroom floor. I have entered upon a resolution wherein I shall not buy any more books until I put a dent on the shelf of unread books. I already know this is a resolution that will be broken. Book stores are like crack to me. Having a bad day? Go buy a new book. Not in the mood for the books you have, go buy a new book. I love the way books smell.

–Jane, there are too many books and not near enough time