Strange things go on in libraries. My boss brought me a piece of paper found on the floor today. The contents of the note is as follows:

Hello, My name is John Larry Doe everyone here calls me Larry. I’m 20 born January 2nd. I think your Wow for lack of better terms but I’m presently single and obviously very shy. My E-mail address is ***** I dont have a cell phone but I do stay on campus and my room # at the towers is ***-***-**** E-mail me if you are interested have time. God bless

I changed the name and birthday, but left spelling and punctuation as is on the note. Very funny if you ask me and not at all shy. If it was on the floor, then he either did not give it to her or she dropped it. Either way, Don Juan will not be getting any love on V-Day. He does have guts.

–Jane, remembers passing notes but none this interesting