More RSS stuff

Well, it is interesting how you think no one is reading your blog and then someone famous leaves you a comment and he is mad at you to boot. I encourage everyone to read all the information and make up their own minds. It is still a good discussion going on about RSS, though I have a feeling that there are some misunderstanding in the mix as well.

Here is the page to Walt’s Cites & Insights (The contended section is on page 6 of the PDF, but the whole section is good reading. Walt discusses the The Walking Paper, another favorite of mine)
Here is The Shifted Librarian post, again. Read the comments too.
Here is the Free Range Librarian post, again. No comments when I checked.

I want to point out that I am not taking sides, just giving up the parts of the conversion. The good thing about blogs is that it is an open discussion forum.

–Jane, runs off