“Mmmmm… Angel”

Kudos to the person who can tell me even the story line and the season in which that quote is (hint) repeated hilariously.

I have held out this long, but I think no longer. My breaking point came at the beginning of the week. I turned on TNT, which shows Angel from 7-8 in the morning. They are currently on season 5. I cried the last 10 minutes of the episode. It was the one where Conner comes back and Angel is the only one who knows about this strangely strong kid. It reminded me of why I loved season 5 so much. Great stories. Great writing. Great. Great. Great. It also reminded me of how I spent almost every Wednesday night: balling my eyes out in from of the television. I was either crying because a) the episode was sad or b) I knew they were canceling my favorite show and this episode was really good, see how great it is, even when there are puppets for Pete’s sake!, but will soon be no more, damn those bastards at the WB and Fox I can’t believe they are keeping Charmed and not Angel, Grr Arg!!!! By the by, there was no exaggeration there, I really feel that way… and still do, thanks.

As I said, the breaking point. I am ordering Angel Season 5 on DVD today. Amazon has it for a nice price and I need it to live. Much like air.

–Jane, hearts Angel

update: My friend and co-worker L, was the first to point out that the title of this post is from the episode in which Cordelia must go to the Muses and ask for them to lift the violence ban from Caratos. Hilariosity.