News Bits

It seems like there are always interesting things to write about after the weekend has passed us by. Mine was very nice, filled with relaxation and friends.

Library News
One last post from Karen Schneider which basically sums up how I feel about the whole Michael Gorman thing.

“…belittling bloggers and making insupportable comments about Google didn’t make bloggers look bad; instead, it made ALA look like the backward organization many of us secretly worry it is, a mausoleum of 19th-century librarianship, and it did it at a time when popular pundits with free pots of ink could respond, and respond, and respond.”

Walt Crawford, who has graced this page with his presence, is considering a blog himself and has asked the readership of LisNews for suggestions. I think I will have to think long and hard on this query. You have until March 12th to come with something witty.

College Basketball
John Cheney, head coach of Temple University, is facing some serious criticism and has been suspended for the remainder of the regular season after sending Nehemiah Ingram in to be a “goon” against St. Joseph’s. The result being that one of St. Joseph’s players, John Bryant, has a broken arm and will be out for the rest of the season. Here is one story from ESPN, but there are more which are easy to locate. Cheney has apologized, but, as they say, the damage has been done.

In related news, Matt Klabo of Valley City State is facing charges for a particularly nasty elbow he gave to a South Dakota School of Mines and Technology player.

What is going on here? I like college basketball, though I rely on Mr. R for technical information, I have to wonder if there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Am I getting old or is basketball getting more violent?

–Jane, walks off