IM at Work

(I am obviously putting off a bit of work, but this is my last post until I finish a review I am working on. I have told myself that I must finish it today.)

Not only does this post have a great name, referencing the best comedy of all time, No IM for you! Come Back, 2 Years!, LiB (Librarian in Black) brings up a topic that has flittered across my mind, usually to be replaced quickly by something else. Nonetheless, go and read the post. She makes the case for IM being as common in the work place as email, telephone, or cell phones. Her rebuttal to the excuse I usually hear?

Yeah, people can goof off at work IMing, but they can do it by talking on their cell phones or by e-mailing too. Doesn’t mean you have to close it off as a mode of communication.

If I could IM at work, I might stop getting in trouble for yelling across the hall at my coworkers.

–Jane, says Amen!