It’s the Small Things

Since Friday, several small things have entered my life which have made me beam with happiness.

Small Thing #1 – I received Angel Season 5 in the mail. The box is beautiful. The menu for the last season is the best yet and the features I have watched so far were fabbity fab fab. The gag reel, something I always enjoy, was hilarious. I have not started watching the episodes themselves yet because I want to watch some of them on Mr. Rochester’s huge flat screen TV. It is like being right in the room with my favorite men.

Small Thing #2 – (And I mean small!) I have been reading 43 Folders for a little while now and he is always plugging the journals and datebooks by Moleskine. I have been trying to figure out a good way to downsize my current planner which, at the size of a trade paperback, takes up the valuable space that a book should be occupying in my purse. Therefore, last week I ordered the 2005 daily planner. It is the size of a 3.5X5.5 index card and I am in love. Seriously. I have never owned a datebook more perfect. It is acid free (be still my heart) and my Hipster PDA fits right underneath the elastic band. Perfection.

Small Thing #3 – For the past month, give or take, I have been searching for at least one new traveling coffee mug. I had five, three of which I loved and two that were, for various reasons, complete crap. Others addicted to coffee will attest that finding the right travel mug is essential and difficult. They must have a good seal and not leak. They must keep the coffee hot for an extended period of time (at the very least one hour). They must dispense the coffee to your mouth efficiently and not cause mouth burning or spillage. I had to throw away 2 of my mugs, they were identical, because the plastic liner had started giving all my coffee an old coffee taste. I used them almost every day for a year and daily washing no longer did the trick. Out they went. I was down to one good mug and two crap ones. My life was over. But then, oh joyous day, I decided to try a MiGo mug that I found at Target. It is wonderful. All is now right with the world.

–Jane, enters a state of caffeine induced organized Angel euphoria