Clippy Dickinson

Who says Emily Dickinson is not fun and upbeat? Gamespot has an article which chronicles the three entries for this year’s GDC Game Design Challenge. The challenge? To make a video game based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson. In my head I keep thinking, “Challaange!” “Challaaange!” What show is that from? The entry I liked the best was the one where the player had to progress through different seasons and gather pieces of Dickinson’s poetry. The one I thought was the most strange won: Will Wright wanted to create a program that would scan your files and write you poetry or comment on things you were working on. Wright likened it to the Microsoft paper clip, Damn Clippy. Annoying if you ask me.

Due to a huge onslaught of migraine fun, I won’t have any more interesting things to say as my brain will be useless.

–Jane, wants to crawl in a dark hole