Death and Flowers

I spent Saturday crawling around in the dirt planting bulbs, flowers, and seeds. The best part of the day was when I realized I was holding the packet of Butterfly Bush seeds, which look like small poppy seeds, upside down. Oops. I hope they found their way into the flower bed. Those better be some amazing flowers when they bloom, because I am still aching.

I was wandering around the net this evening, putting off bed, but bored enough to just go already, when I came across a blurb about the wonderful flowers in Death Valley. Death Valley? I did a Google search. There has been an unusually wet year in Death Valley and it is awash with wildflowers of every hue. There are some great pictures here. I thought of two endings to this post and am unable to decide which is best, thus:

Nice Ending: The thought of all those flowers where countless have died is a bit breathtaking.

Snarky Ending: The Donner party might have enjoyed all those pretty flowers.

–Jane, What’s for dinner?