I had a drink with my downstairs neighbor last night. He is an IT guy for a software company and while talking he showed me something that looked like a PDA but wait! there’s more! It was a Pocket PC. Why have I not seen these before? Have I been living on Mars? It looks like a PDA, but runs on a Windows OS with the Office Suite and is wireless and Bluetooth enabled. I think I am in lust. I have been lusting after an MP3 player for awhile, but this plays MP3s too. Oh glorious technology! Here is a nifty one I found this morning. There has been a joke going around the library that we need a tip jar at the reference desk. I think mine should say, “Help poor librarian buy nifty new toy”. Seriously. I am looking for a jar.

And some news from the Whedonverse. “Watch With Kristin”, an E! Online column, has asked for a couple of years what tv show in jeopardy people want to keep. This year, sadly, there was no Whedonverse show to vote for, so all those crazy fans at Whedonesque decided to start an email campaign to bring back the ‘Verse. After the voting was tallied, Kristin got a total of 20,000 emails from people wanting to “Bring Back the Whedonverse“. This makes me smile.

–Jane, you can’t take the sky from me