I have seen a couple of movies recently which should be discussed, Constantine and The Secret Window.

Constantine – I went to the movies to see this a week or so ago. Sunday afternoons are an excellent time to spend at the movies: less people, less aimless teenagers, and matinee prices. I have to state that I have never read the comics from which this movie is derived, so I am viewing it for its sake only. I thought it was great. I liked the way it was instantly apparent that the character of Constantine cared little for his physical health. You find out later that his eternal health is his driving force. The portrayal of half-breeds of demonic and angelic origin are beautiful and horrifying in turn. The special effects were well done and not overpowering. I especially liked that Gabriel was neither male nor female, but “universally” beautiful. I would have liked to see some more supporting characters developed, but, alas, a movie can only be so long. I also would have liked to see exactly how Constantine came to be a “warrior”. Overall, a great movie.

The Secret Window – I was a bit disappointed in this movie. I have not read the King novel on which this is based. I like Johnny Depp so that was not my problem. I felt that the story was interesting but an attentive viewer will be able to figure out the twist about 10-15 minutes into the film. It takes the fun out of the rest of the show. I am sure that the novel, I hope, dealt with the “secret window” aspect a little more, but the significance of the secret window, other than its general presence, is never revealed. There were some reused scenes from other King stories and this was a general irritation as well. Orginality would have been appreciated. I was irritated about that. Depp was great, he usually is, but the movie is mediocre despite his efforts.

–Jane, muses over movies