Bad Desk Shift?

My day started off great with free, FREE, coffee from my very happy apartment complex managers. I fall madly in love with anyone willing to give me good coffee in the morning. Now the whole day stretches ahead of me with a long meeting and a desk shift looming before me, like some grotesque afternoon monster. Oh the joys of my job!

In reading through this morning, egads! Jessamyn mentions my post on leadership and I clicked on one of her new “Linkhopper” sites (left side) to find this jewel, A Librarian’s Guide to etiquette. These people have my sense of humor. Here is a handy tip on how to avoid annoying coworkers. Good idea. I usually go and roam the computer and research areas when my partner’s voice starts feeling like nails in my skull. Nothing like a quick roam around the students to make you realize that you just house the computers for chat and WebCT. Research? Nope. It’s all about the free printing, baby. Oh, and of course the porn. Don’t forget the porn.

–Jane, loves the Reference Desk even when all the students ask for is the stapler or the hole punch