Two Bits

I need to stop amusing myself by amusing all you goofies who read this, but here are two more things and then I swear I have got to stop for awhile.

Bit One
Steven Cohen links to a short piece in LJ and then says this:
Yes, ALA conferences will never be the same, but not because of Gorman. They will never be the same despite Gorman. Weblogs at conferences have transformed the way content form these events are delivered. More people can be involved and can “attend” without being there. This would have happened despite Gorman’s comments. Consider it a coincidence.

So basically Gorman is irrelevant, but we were already starting to get that. Actually I am hoping to be proven wrong, though I doubt it will happen.

Speaking of ALA and blogs, I will be an “official” blogger for ACRL, though I will not tell you which monniker I will be using. Smarties might figure it out on their own. I will be “unofficially” blogging about the conference here. Translation: This is where I will tell you about all the fun social gatherings.

Bit Two
You know that game they play on the Motley Fool radio show called “What Did the FED Chief Say? Ok, I have a new one: “What did the aerospace engineer say?” This is what Mr. Rochester just emailed me:
I can’t figure out why my coordinate transfer matrix is not properly converting from earth centered inertial frame (with x-axis pointed along the vernal equinox) to a body fixed system at the time of launch. Stupid! Stupid!

Any takers?

–Jane, responds with huh

P.S. After gaining his permission to post his words, Mr. R informed me that he has since fixed the problem. Whew! I was really worried about that.