The ACRL Blog Discussion Goes On

Like my library’s email server, Blogger has been running slow today so if I can just get a small window then I will post a bunch of things at once. I had a lovely weekend and Mr. Rochester and I had some people over to watch the Final Four. I succeeded, finally, in cleaning the adware of my computer, so I am now ready to blog away at ACRL. Which brings me to my first topic o’the day:

Joy, who commented here last week (and who has a very nice blog) has also expressed her concerns about having the ACRL blog behind a wall.

ACRL doesn’t get the mindset of bloggers if they want to hide us behind a firewall.

Amen I say. I have emailed some of the ACRL people to see if I can get some kind of explanation or confirmation of the “behind the firewall” status of the ACRL blog. Steven Cohen also puts in his two cents as well.

–Jane, blogs