Just a quick post before lunch. I promise to make some more substantive posts later on today. The item so far that I am not comfortable putting on the official blog is thus: If they wanted bloggers to be roaming journalists, they should have asked us to volunteer as roaming journalists and not bloggers. Know that bloggers can sometimes be both. We have been armed with cameras, which I have no problem with, but Learning Times has also given us small digital recorders with which to interview people AND they expect us to use it. I am going to do as little “journalism” as I can and stick with my observations as much as possible. I signed up to type my thoughts and share experiences on sessions, not hang around and record my conversations with people. Grr.

The wifi in the building is interesting as it only works on the groundfloor, which excludes the exhibit hall and most of the meeting rooms. That makes no sense, but I will work with what I got.

I have a “I See Blog People” sticker on my laptop, so people keep looking at me.
Other than that, everything is great.

–Jane, time for lunch