Initial ACRL Post

After donuts and coffee, I am safely at the airport and waiting for my flight. I am here early because I brought R to the airport as well and her flight left earlier than my own. It is the first time I have flown in a long time and it was a bit disconcerting going through the extra security, but I am grateful for it. I finally decided on two books to bring along with me, Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya and The Last September by Elizabeth Bowman. I am starting Nectar in a Sieve first. The weather on my departure is, of course, beautiful. Figures.


The weather in Minneapolis was beautiful when I arrived. Riding in the taxi from the airport I had that buoyant feeling you get in new cities that fills you with the belief that all things are different and new. The houses and scenery remind me of my grandparents old neighborhood in Milwaukee. So far my impressions of Minneapolis are great. It is a clean city and the people seem very nice.

I missed the opening session, but I went to the exhibit hall. The Thompson Gale booth was giving away free wine, FREE WINE PEOPLE, so I had two glasses. Haha. This being a librarian thing is really cool.

Seriously though, I had a nice conversation with the two ladies at Alexander Street Press. My library purchased quite a few electronic databases from them and they have some new products coming out that I am interested in. I am going to do some thinking and see what we might be able to afford. I then went to dinner with R and K at The Newsroom. They had great fish and chips and Guinness on tap. Yum. Afterwards, R and I had to walk a few blocks to a convenience store to get cokes to mix with the liquor we brought from home. On the way we saw a man who appeared to have a dress shirt on but no pants. It was disturbing to say the least, especially when we realized he was headed in the same direction as ourselves. Older men with no pants on equals bad news. Not good. The really bad thing is that he was not the strangest person in the store when we went up to the counter.

Alright, it is late and I am tired. I have to get some sleep tonight so I can get up at an ungodly hour and post this and write something interesting for the “real” blog.

My Schedule for Today:
8:00 am Scholarship Breakfast
9:30 Poster Sessions
11:00 “The Academic Library and the First Year Paradigm of Connection and Collaboration: Room L100ABIJ
12:30 Keynote Luncheon
2:30 Contributed Papers – Either Pair Two in RM L100ABIJ about learning and information seeking or Pair Three in L100CDE about collaboration, technology, and customer service
3:30 Poster Sessions
4:30 Contributed Papers – Pair One in L100FGH about Info Lit
7:00pm Blogger Dinner

Please excuse errors. I wanted to get this post up quickly. I will post more later. I am late for my breakfast!

The ACRL Blogs are veiwable if you preview the conference at I will grab that link later for those of you who can not find it.

–Jane, gotta run!