Odds and Almost at the End of Day One

I am really looking forward to my dinner tonight with my fellow bloggers, official and otherwise. I have not even gotten into my aggregator today, so I have no idea what is going on in the world and I hate it. I told Mr. Rochester that I would email him today, but let this serve as my public apology because I have been very busy trying to post in two places. I end up writing two posts for everything since I think that snarkiness was not the reason that I got the prestigious *ahem* job of being an “official blogger”.

Speaking of, I have heard almost no marketing for the obvious trouble that ACRL has gone to to produce a virtual conference, along with having bloggers. Oh well. I will have to bask in my knowledge of my own self importance. (please note sarcasm).

I am going to see if I can read some of my RSS feeds while I have some time. I found that advil, now I just need a drink. Where are my drinking buddies when I need them?

Oh, and those of you who are looking for thoughtful posts, you are going to have to wait. I am doing the minute by minute thing on the official blog (which is supposedly available to all as a preview, but since I am signed in I can never find the exact link. You can start from here and good luck. The Learning Times Web site is not the easiest to navigate at times.) and I will post some over all impressions of my first ACRL here.

–Jane, more thoughtful posts to follow