Riding the Jet Stream

Minneapolis was a wonderful city: clean, nice, mouth-watering food, and great weather while I was there. I have so many things I want to put up here about ACRL, it will be hard to get them all sorted out. At the moment, I am sitting at my desk at work, waiting for the night shift to start, and battling a migraine. Going to conference is exhausting.

I especially want to post my feelings on what conferences mean to us as a profession and on the last session I attended on Google (along with some of my peers comments I heard later).

I would not say a learned a lot, but I did get some views reinforced. It is nice to believe that you are not the only crazy one out in the world.

I did have one rather funny moment in which I considered stalking up to a vendor (of a product my library uses) to tell them how faulty their product is and all the havoc it has wrecked in my department. Alas, gentle readers, I behaved, held my tongue, and sent a pox on them in my head. It was less fulfilling than I would have hoped.

I am off for the night shift on the desk. The semester is winding down and the reference questions have been slow lately. The students mostly need printer paper, staples, and simple catalog help.

–Jane, sloths off to the desk