A Hop Across the Pond

There are many happenings in my personal life which will prevent me from posting for about a week. Mr. Rochester’s sister is getting married tomorrow so we have all that family hoopla to attend. At least there will be drinks. Bring on the drinks. It has been one of those weeks. Mr. R and I are running away to Germany for a week, so I will be MIA until Monday the 25th. I would ask that nothing terribly exciting happen while I am gone, so I don’t feel bad about missing it, ok? Got that? Nothing Fun At All.

My boss has been asking me to put together some kind of info session on blogs, wikis, and the like for other non-techie librarians. I felt comfortable ignoring that request until it was seconded by her boss and then another even higher up than that. Dang. I sometimes wish I was a bad employee and then I would never get extra jobs. So I have to start thinking about what I want to include. I have some good ideas and I hope to get it rolled out sometime in June. Wouldn’t it be funny if was like the Magic Bullet infomercial, with that crazy British guy and the old lady in a mumu with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth?

–Jane, can I wear the mumu?