I have to go already?

I am back from Germany, though I wanted to stay a bit longer. We visited Darmstadt, Bamberg, Bacharach, and Frankfurt. The people were nice, the food was tasty, the beer was excellent, and the sites were beautiful. What more could anyone want when on vacation? I was unhappy with my book choices for the trip since I read my chicklit book rather quickly and was then stuck with the intellectual reading which, it turned out, I found a bit boring. Yes, I know that Elizabeth Bowen is an Irish Austen, but I really tried hard and found myself wanting to poke out my eyeballs out instead of reading the pages in front of me.

*sigh* I spent the day at work wading through email. I tried reading some of my feeds, but my eyes started glazing over. I will start bright and early tomorrow. I am one of those people who always hates missing things, so when I am gone for a week there are so many things to catch up on that I never know where exactly to start. I liked being without my cell phone and tv for a week, but I missed my computer.

–Jane, almost over the jet lag, but already missing the hefeweizen