Happy Cinqo de Mayo!

Today is Cinqo de Mayo, so be sure to have some margaritas after work or during work if you can get away with it. Just think how much more lively that afternoon Reference meeting would be with pitchers of green happiness.

I had a long conversation with a good friend last night. He is, as I articulated to him last night, one of the most reasonable people I know despite his affiliation with the Republican Party. (That’s a joke in case you missed it.) He is my favorite person to talk politics with because he actually knows what is going on and can talk intelligently about issues. Plus, there is always the added bonus that we do not always agree or disagree, so debating and talking sometimes leads us to unexpected places. He just got a wonderful new job with the Peace Corps – Congratulations! I believe that we should be paying attention to what our leaders are doing in our names as good citizens even if it makes us want to occasionally rant and rave.

–Jane, sometimes rants