Techno Craze

You want to know something that I am jealous of? Other libraries have IM and we do not. I keep reading that librarian A IMed librarian B and they discussed some cool technology or other. Grr Arg. I am not even the administrator of my PC at work. *stomps foot indignantly* I had to bribe one of the tech guys (don’t ask, don’t tell) to install the Google toolbar for me because I can not download things onto my computer. That and the Google toolbar is strictly contraband. As a result, I have been unable to try tagging at work and simple things, like updating Quicktime, require a work order. God forbid we let people with master’s degrees have control over their own technology. Sorry about that rant, but there are a few technology issues at MPOW that have been driving me bonkers lately. I feel better now – back to work.

–Jane, absolutely looney