The Wheel in the Sky

David Weigel argues that expecting the Republicans to keep up their majority status for many years to come is a hollow hope. (I can not tell you how hollow I hope it is without using words like “Please Lord preserve us.”)

The election I always bring up, 1964, is here and here. As you can see, the Democrats won a 68-32 Senate majority and 295-140 House majority, mostly thanks to the meltdown of GOP candidate Barry Goldwater. Two years later the GOP won 47 House seats and four Senate seats and elected governors like George Romney and Ronald Reagan.

The great thing about our political structure is that it can be very cyclical. One party does not stay in control forever and there is opportunity for the bosses of the present to become the minorities of the future. I think Bill Frist would do well to remember that he may need the help of a filibuster ere long.

–Jane, please God