Who’s flying this thing!?

I have been pretty busy at work and at home this week, so less of the blogging than normal going on. I have a book review I want to write before ALA, so keep your eyes peeled for that tasty tidbit. I have been planning a housewarming for Mr. Rochester which is tomorrow. Most of our old gang from college and other assorted friends will come over, eat our food, and drink our beer. Hey, what are friends for? We are still young enough to not have learned our lesson in college, so I am sure there will be some good stories to come from the weekend’s excitement. For now, all I can think about is my grocery list of things I will need to feed fajitas (random: along with many other words, like “blog”, Blogger does not recognize “fajitas”) and assorted dips to 25 people and the LITA Blog. Odd. I know.

–Jane, one desk shift away from the weekend