Blogger Fest 2005

I have quite a few things to say about last night. The most important is that I should know better than to drink wine on an empty stomach, but I rarely learn. Rarely, as in never. The blogger get together was the best thing I went to all conference. It seemed like everyone who has a library blog was there. I was a bit star struck. It was like watching my blogroll walking around in the flesh.

Everyone was about what I expected and I think I managed not to scare off anyone…except Michael Stephens. Karen Schneider was about to leave with him and so I ran up to him and said “Hey, My name is “Jane” and I have really been wanting to meet you. I read your blog everyday….” And he was like, “ok”… and I had nothing else to say. I just looked at him. My mind was totally blank. Also had him cornered and he had no escape. I ran away. Seriously, Michael, I am not crazy, I just forgot how to form coherent words. I usually have no lack of wordage to throw at people.

All in all, it was a fabby party. I was able to meet some people I respect very much and who do great things for libraries. I even got to talk with Jessamyn West who was my gateway blog into the LIS Blogshere.

I have some summaries of yesterday’s LITA programs, but they need some work. I will try to get those up sometime today.

–Jane, had a REALLY great time last night…. her head hurts