ALA Wrap Up, sort of

I have some wrap up stuff about being a first timer at ALA that I would like to share. That way, I can get back to being snarky about the world and fawning over Joss like normal. If you were hoping for some more info about sessions I went to and my intellectual take on ALA, I am still processing that and you might have to wait. Be Patient! Until I do get the jumble in my head together, go read some of the excellent writing going on here or here.

Things about ALA that were fabby

  • I stopped by the Innovative booth to thank them for implementing RSS feeds (coming soon)
  • I met two guys from Better World Books, which I mentioned in a previous post. They sell books libraries are getting rid of and then return the profits to the libraries. What a great idea and they were really nice.
  • Chicago is great and I ate pizza two days in a row.
  • Chicago is great and I was able to go to a couple fun bars: J. Randolph’s, The House of Blues Hotel Bar, and The Billy Goat Tavern.
  • I met the most amazing people: on the bus, in the hall, in sessions, (I even snagged Walt Crawford as he was trying to leave the Top 10 Trends to get the LITA President’s Reception. I again completely lost my brain and could think of nothing to say, but I was so excited to meet him. Sorry about that Walt.) and at the Blogger’Â’s Salon.
  • I came back rejuvenated about my profession and I realized what a great, hard working, big hearted group librarians can be

Things about ALA that were less fabby

  • I waited an hour one day for the bus to McCormick
  • Ok, the buses in general sucked
  • Everything was so spread out that it was hard to attend many things because travel time was a deterrent (see buses above)
  • I only get to do this once a year

–Jane, now it is back to work young lady