I am not really awake yet, though it is after nine in the morning and I have had my coffee. I am tired from a lovely weekend of sun and fun. My family has a lake house on a small lake in the middle of nowhere. On Sunday night, we watched fireworks all over the lake and lit off a few of our own. We also had a bonfire so large that the volunteer fire department came to make sure we were not burning anything down. It was especially amusing because I have never seen an emergency vehicle of any kind out there (I told you it is in the middle of nowhere) and we had our very own firefighter on the premises in the form of my brother-in-law. We had vodka soaked cherries, played some dominos, and then finally went to sleep. Last night, Mr. Rochester and I sat in his back yard and watched 4 different firework shows. Next year, we plan on getting up on the roof to get a better view.

There is plenty of work to do this week and I am determined to earn my keep.

–Jane, is a used up bottle rocket