I have been busy and not blogging, but I have a life you know. Well, sort of. Here is a list of things on my mind:

  • The launch of Discovery has been delayed.
  • My boss has recently returned and it was nice to see her today.
  • The PPT presentation for my training session on wikis, blogs, RSS, and aggregators is coming along.
  • It is sunny outside now, but I guarantee by 2 pm it will be pouring and the streets will flood. Gotta love summer in Houston.

Now for the serious discussion. My friend, A (a Republican I love in spite of his obvious political mistakes), called me a couple days ago to let me know he was going to be in town for two weeks. He is one of my high school friends I still keep in touch with and with whom I have wonderful political discussions. We almost went an entire phone call without discussing politics, other than me making a “Republicans are dumb” statement, until we brought up the issue of scandals.

The big scandal right now is the Rove/Plame fiasco. I would be surprised if the majority of Americans even know who Karl Rove is, his position, and the implications of what he has done (allegedly). I wondered this as I listened to NPR cover the story yesterday. Maybe if there was some sex involved, people would pay more attention. Rove traded information for “favors” or something like that, because we all know that people pay more attention if someone is doing something naughty to someone else in the bedroom. It is sad but true.

For now, I am paying attention to the Rove story because it is about time someone in that White House got caught with their pants down. Now I have wasted my lunch break on this and I have to get back to work.

–Jane, the answer was Nathan Scott Phillips