The Old Man Is Snoring

Hooray for Friday. I am frequently amazed at the ability of my job to go from boredom so severe I consider poking out my eyeballs to a stack of things needing my attention so tall it threatens to bury me forever. Such is the scintillating life of a librarian.

Houston had the driest June in history last month and this July, though half over, has almost caught us up to where we should be on our yearly average. I awoke this morning to driving rain. My zinnias were bowed low in an attempt to escape the notice of the punishing rain. The lemon tree, on the other hand, was dancing jubilantly across the yard. I think the combination of heat, drought, and drowning will kill everything but the grass and the lemon tree.

I have many fun plans for the weekend. I am going to see Fantastic Four with Mr. Rochester tonight, then will get up bright and early to buy my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Mr. R and I are going to a family cookout that is sure to produce much hilarity and drunken behavior. My family is too cool. Sunday, after church, we are going out for brunch and mimosas. What more could I possibly want?

I am mildly surprised no one has given me the wtf about the “Nathan Scott Phillips” thing yesterday. Either you all decided that I have completely lost my mind, again, or you all watch the same TV I do at 11 pm central. (That’s the hint) Anyone want to take a stab?

–Jane, my name is