Sometimes You Want to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Last night, I met up with two of my friends, A and D. (that makes me think of: Today’s show is sponsored by the letters A and D!) We converged upon Onion Creek, a delightful coffee house and bar on the north side of Houston, and sat outside under cloudy skies. We have not been together for a few months, despite the fact that D lives only 40 minutes away, and I am determined to not let the time pass as it has before calling and dragging his butt out of the house.

As always, we talked a bit about everything. Politics: in which I, the “liberal”, told A, the Republican, that I think that Bush may have actually made a good choice for the Supreme Court. He made me repeat that sentence twice while he grinned like a maniac. A and I also gave D a quick rundown of the Rove/Plame business and I still believe I am correct in thinking people would care more if sex was involved. The state of Texas education: D just got a job as a high school algebra teacher, so we ganged up on A and argued Bush’s education policy. Religion: the usual stuff about how we are all going to hell, but especially me, according to A, because I am a “hysterical” liberal. There were also the required stories about idiotic things we did when we were young and stupid. Unfortunately, we are all still both.

I had so much fun that I felt not so hot this morning. I am now fully recovered. Thanks for the fun guys. You are both amazing.

Overheard when I was returning from the restroom in the bar:
Woman to man: I don’t care. Whatever you want. I am easy.

Someone should have told her she is not supposed to tell him that at the beginning of the date.

–Jane, sponsered by the letters Q&A