Wum’s Day

Oh, dear heavens! I just realized I have not looked at this happy space for a week. A whole week! Please excuse my absence. I have been, you know, helping people find stuff and watching Firefly episodes over and over.

Please do not flog me.

First off, Happy Birthday to the best little sister ever.

Bookslut has a nice rundown of Comic-Con 2005, which I read quickly, but no Whedon or Firefly. It is still a good nerdy read.

Thanks to Karen, I have found a new blog to read: Language Log.

Sorry for the hodgepodge, but it is almost time to leave and my brain hurts. You are warned. Randomness ensues. This has been filtering its way through blogs. I do not think paper books will ever be completely replaced, though I would admit that they may be less widely used in the future. (link from Jessamyn)

Random disrespectful and sarcastic post regarding Texas politics and education. (language is not work safe) We have to laugh at the stupid people, otherwise we would go crazy. Hey, I live here so I figure I get first dibs.

–Jane, time to go