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I am not sure how often GameSpot changes their polls, but if you scroll almost all the way down the news page there is an amusing poll on the right regarding the “bidness” in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the recent vote in Congress. My favorite choice on the quiz?

Congress blowing something out of proportion to exploit voters’ uninformed outrage? I am SHOCKED.

Shouldn’t Congress be more concerned with, I dunno, maybe the war in Iraq or something?

–Jane, or education or poverty or the price of gas?

One thought on “It’s Hot!

  • August 3, 2005 at 3:27 pm

    Well, being concerned with the war or other “big” issue would make sense, and we all know people like that would rather do anything except what actually makes sense. The thing that gets me over that is that GTA:SA is rated M, which means stores should not be selling it to minors and parents (or guardians) should not be letting them have it. If they do, it’s their affair, but they can’t then come around to blame the game maker. I think they call that parenting and personal responsibilty. You know, stuff that makes sense?

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