Pandering to the Crowd

Well folks, it is Friday again and I am happy to see it. For your weekend reading enjoyment, here is an article that Mr. Rochester sent to me this afternoon. Do you think it is a warning? The picture of the guy is especially creepy.

I am going to see this guy tonight and the fact that he has “as seen on Dr. Phil” on the front of his web page worries me somewhat. I will take consolation in my beer should he prove to be terrible. My friends tell me otherwise, so we shall see. I will let you know on Monday if you need to rush and order his CD.

It is raining and time for me to go home – finally!

–Jane, cheers

One thought on “Pandering to the Crowd

  • August 8, 2005 at 9:06 am

    He looks pretty freaky in that picture, as you said. It makes you wonder why he snapped…if he were a try Tyson fan, wouldn’t he just have bit off her ear?

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