What’s Wrong With Women’s Fiction

Bookslut and Mimi Smartypants talk about my two biggest pet peeves with “women’s” fiction:

  1. that walking out on your family somehow makes you a strong woman and
  2. finding a new man heals all the wrongs in your life

The first book I read in book club was a completely horrible novel called Forgive the Moon about a woman who goes to “find herself,” after 20 odd years of marriage and two kids, in the arms of another man, whom she leaves before the book is over! And it is a really short book! I just glanced over the reviews for this book on Amazon and, though not surprised, (after all women buy these kinds of books all the time) I am a bit appalled that most of the reviewers are so accepting of this message. Do “we” all hate our families and current lives so much? Geez, I would rather (and do) read romance novels instead of this… um… stuff. I could blather on, but I think you get my point.

–Jane, forgave nothing