Too Much Despair

I have a ton of work to do and four hours scheduled out on the desk, but Louisiana and Mississippi are on my mind. Thanks to Riba Rambles, I have been reading this link. A guy still blogging from inside New Orleans.

Also, some librarians have organized the Geaux Library Yahoo group to organize volunteers.

Karen posted this on her blog yesterday afternoon.

And it seems that things just keep getting worse. It is like a Lord of the Flies nightmare. It is hard to believe that the we have always known that New Orleans was this vulnerable, did nothing to prevent it, and now have no plan. I find all that very hard to swallow.

–Jane, had to turn the radio off this morning

One thought on “Too Much Despair

  • September 8, 2005 at 8:52 pm

    Hi Jane,

    I need some info on the local situation.

    Please see my post and tell me if this is true.

    This may be the final straw for me, but I have to know.

    All the best!

    PS I asked Ranger too.

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