Wednesday Bits

Two unrelated things to read:

In Exile is a blog brought to you by the Houston Chronicle and written by evacuated journalist Abram Himelstein from New Orleans. (link from Bookslut)

Meredith has a wealth of information about… information. I especially think this article by Aaron Schmidt is timely for MPOW as we struggle with “why should we have blogs and what can we do with them anyway?” Go read and learn.

–Jane, almost time for a meeting.. about blogs, no less

One thought on “Wednesday Bits

  • September 7, 2005 at 2:25 pm

    Okay, so you know what’s funny? Besides the fact that I feel the need to comment on every single one of your posts?

    My library girlfriends and I had a I heart John Cusack club. We would get together and watch his movies all the time. And if we’d had blogs, we would’ve blogged about it.

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