Sit Down Bus Driver

Forthcoming topic is football, feel free to skip.

It is that time of year again. The time of year when the air turns brisk, not here, and the leaves turn shades of orange, again not here (it’s Texas remember), and my life suddenly revolves around Aggie Football. Not college football, though that is important in relation to my team, but Aggie Football. We lost our opener against Clemson and we looked a little rough on the field, but we are playing SMU in Kyle Field on Saturday and should have no problem. We have, in the history of my remembrance, the easiest home schedule ever.

Football in Texas is important. There are two whole movies about high school football that are set in Texas. Football in College Station in a religion. That is not blasphemy, because everyone knows, God is an Aggie.

So if you see a short, bespeckled, librarian running around Northgate tonight, talking too loudly, and drinking too much, make me buy you a beer and we can toast to the game.

–Jane, B.T.H.O. SMU