I went to see Serenity last night at one of the local theaters in San Jose called the Camera 12 Cinema. It was sold out so we had to wait in line, but I did not care as I was just happy so many other people wanted to see my BDH. There were more people dressed up than the last opening day Star Wars movie I saw. There was one guy who had a perfect Mal costume and he even looked a little like Nathan Fillion. The local Browncoats had a trivia game before the movie started and I won a shirt for correctly knowing what Jayne’s take was before he joined Serenity’s crew.

For the movie. It was everything I had been hoping for and so much more. We spoke to some non Firefly fans after the movie and they really liked it. The movie is nonstop action, humor, and those beautiful moments thrown in that have earned Whedon such a legion of fans. I will not give anything away, but I have to say one thing. I am still in shock over some of the events and I hardly spoke on the walk home from the theater. My heart is so full. It was almost too much too deal with and it made me realize how much I love this world and its people that Joss has created.

Now back to the conference and the real world.

–Jane, will see the movie at least twice more

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