Crisp, Clean Air

Oh glorious day! This is one of my favorite times of year, the first day when the oppressive heat leaves us with nice crisp fall weather. Fall has arrived in Houston! I stepped out of my apartment today and inhaled the sweet cool air of the first day of autumn. Cool air simply smells better. It filled my lungs and made my heart dance. I had a smile on my face and hummed a song all the way into the library this morning.

I know I have been pretty quiet this week. This is the time of year when professors and TAs bring their classes in for library instruction, thus I have rarely been at my desk. Not to worry, after next week, I will be back to me verbose fabby self.

Do not forget that the Carnival will be stopping by later on Monday. It will be exciting, riveting, and it just might change your life. Send submissions to me at wanderingeyre at yahoo dot com.

–Jane, back to the piles on the desk